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Regional Director North America

Former professor of electrical and systems engineering; I am mechanical, materials, and biomedical engineer and scientist, certified project manager with a multidisciplinary background, and over 20 years of experience in research, academia, and industry.
I am dedicated to ensuring the success of research and development projects, with a focus on achieving short-term returns and promoting environmental consciousness. Leveraging my creativity and problem-solving skills, I consistently provide timely and professional solutions, without making excuses. I am passionate about contributing to the success of research and development projects.

Máté Fekete

Head Of Sales

With a foundation in architecture, I began my career designing structures that blend form and function. This experience honed my eye for detail and my appreciation for the interplay between creativity and practicality. Transitioning into marketing, I brought this unique perspective to a leading energy company, where I developed campaigns that resonated with a global audience and drove significant market growth. Now, as a Marketing Manager at Talamone Group, I leverage my diverse background to lead innovative strategies that connect with customers and drive the industry forward.


CTO/Regional Director – Europe

As the CTO of TalamoneGroup and co-owner and Managing Director of Hawk System sro, I bring a wealth of leadership experience and a strong technical background to guide our teams towards innovative solutions. My journey in the tech industry is propelled by master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration and Economics, providing me with a profound foundation that blends technical prowess with strategic business insights, enriched by my ability to communicate in multiple languages, allowing for a more inclusive and diverse working environment. I am passionate about driving growth through strategic planning and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, always with a keen eye on the evolving digital landscape.

Spoken languages: English, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech

János Talián

Technical Expert

I graduated with a degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology, specializing in Power Engineering within the Network Branch.
At the South Transdanubian Electricity Supplier Company in Hungary, I started as a designer, then took on Investment and Facility Engineering tasks, and later dealt with network operation related tasks.
Throughout my career, I have held positions such as Operation Sector Leader, Control Center Leader, Technical Center Leader, Plant Manager, and Deputy Plant Director.
From 2007 until my retirement in 2018, I worked as a Cable Technology Consultant for E.ON, which covered low, mid and high voltage cable networks, and mid/low voltage transformer stations. I played a significant role in the development of the digital system for network inspection and qualification, defining network fault codes, and developing a risk-based maintenance system based on this database. In the last two years of my active period, I participated in the electrical technological preparation for network inspections using “machine vision”. My key responsibility was to prepare, validate the electrical engineering foundations for teaching algorithms related to Neural Networks training. With 40 years of experience in the electricity supply industry, I have a broad perspective and experience in terms of low, mid and high voltage conductors, and substations.
Spoken languages: German, Hungarian

Olivér Kovács

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development at TalamoneGroup, I am entrusted with spearheading business growth and building client relationships across the vibrant markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

As a results-driven senior professional and leader, I leverage my extensive expertise in Lean Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Quality Management Systems, and Smart City Initiatives. My engagement spans diverse sectors, including manufacturing, service, and utility, where I collaboratively identify business needs, craft optimal solutions, and consistently deliver value-added results.

With over two decades of experience in quality and continuous improvement roles, I have a proven track record of leading and executing successful projects. These initiatives not only cut costs and enhance customer satisfaction but also drive operational efficiency. Additionally, my involvement in two distinct Smart City programs, in partnership with industry leaders like E.ON and IBM, has fueled the development and launch of cutting-edge products and services, enriching the sustainability and liveability of urban environments. My overarching mission is to employ my skills and knowledge to effect positive change and make a meaningful impact in the world.

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