Drone based electrical network inspection


  • AI supported automated flight paths and data capture
  • Fast, safe, accurate and cost effective multi sensor data collection
  • Automated situation and damage assessment
  • AI Detections for Components and Defects
  • Near Real Time Inspection Data Analysis
  • Long, efficient and stable flight, even in harsh conditions

Drone data collection and processing process

  1. We plan the automated data collection based on the customer’s topological data (GIS).
  2. We enter the objects and their exact location into the drone’s on-board system.
  3. The data collection is completely automated.
  4. The processed data are uploaded to the HAWK CORE platform.
  5. The system generates object (electric pole) level error and attribute list.
HAWK system’s official ISO-certified drone partner is Alerion. We have local offices in several continents and can therefore provide data collection in the following continents (USA, EUROPE, South America).

Autonomous inspections

Fast and Efficient

Full inspection < 15 minutes

Heavy Duty

Secure and reliable


Patented laser based navigation system

Highest Standards

ISO minősítés

Based on customer needs, it is possible to install any type of sensor. (LIDAR, thermal camera, corona discharge detection camera).

  • It takes about 4 minutes to travel 1 km with a multirotor drone
  • It takes about 1 minute to travel 1 km with a fixed-wing drone

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Special corona discharge sensor for drones

Corona discharge

  • Corona is a luminous partial electrical discharge due to ionization of the air. Corona is often a sign of a defect of the electrical apparatus.
  • Corona will appear when the local electric field exceeds a critical value: Ecritical = 24-30 kV/cm
  • Pinpointing corona discharge and addressing potential equipment failure can guarantee the reliable operation of the electrical critical assets.
  • Additional effects of Corona is energy loss, electromagnetic interference, audio noises and radio interference.

Our partner is OFIL Systems

Electrical Installations’ Soft Points

ComponentPossible Issues
ConductorsDamaged, Broken Strands, Ballooning
Insulators CeramicCracked, Broken, Contaminated, Shorted
Insulators PolymericResin Leakage, Contaminated, Lost hydrophobicity, water ingress
End FittingsCorroded, Eroded
HardwareImproper Installation, Loose Fitting, Bad Connection
BushingMechanical Faults, Water ingress
Air GapsBad Sealing
GeneralBad Grounding
Foreign ObjectsShorts, Leakage

Some pictures of how the sensor works

questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

If you have any question, please let us know, and we will publish the answer.

Based on the battery capacity, the drone can fly tens of kilometers based on the data provided, all in complete safety thanks to the LIDAR sensor, which makes it suitable for avoiding collisions with landmarks. However, the legal environment regulates this seriously, so the regulations in most countries only allow the drone to be kept within line of sight. Therefore, it is greatly influenced by weather conditions and topography as well.

This is a priority development at our company, so we can confidently say that this will happen soon. We have already tested the real-time error detection on quite a few objects, soon the error signal can also arrive in the central system in real time.

Yes. If we receive the GIS data and the images also contain the appropriate Exif data, we can easily integrate them into the HAWK System platform.

Our system was created specifically for the standard error type valid for all network operators. This helps us to always tailor the system to the specific needs of the given customer – the condition of which is a sufficient amount of teaching samples and a precise technical description of each error type.

other products

More products

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Car detection

Electrical network inspection from land with car camera detetection. Camera system can be placed for any vehicle.


Satellite imagery combined with AI enables you to accurately identify vegetation risks and impacts at any spot, any time.

Railway Systems

The Rail Hawk System can detect the status of objects in the railway track environment and give signals if an object needs to be repaired.